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Sunday Schedule
  8:30 AM EST   Solid Rock Bible Study
                              Elizabethtown Church of Christ 
  8:45 AM EST   Searching The Scriptures
                             Mark Weaver, Clarkson KY 
  9:00 AM EST   Fellowship Temple
                            Pastor Gene Rickard, Madisonville KY
  9:15 AM EST   This is That Ministry   
                             Brother Gerald Wethington 
  9:30 AM EST   Voice of Light
                            Rodney Helm, Leitchfield KY 
 10:30 AM EST   Live Service From WJCR House of Prayer
                              Upton KY
 12:30 PM EST   Rev. Don Powell, Sr
                            Founder of WJCR preaches the Word
  1:00 PM EST   Rev. Don Powell, Jr.
                            Sharing the Word and music
  8:00 PM EST   Back to the Word
                            Rev. Warren Traylor
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